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Why Minky Toddler Booties Are Perfect for Winter

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Why Minky Toddler Booties Are Perfect for Winter


Everyone loves the look of our tiny, new baby Minky booties. But did you know we also make toddler booties as well? Our bootie sizes start at premie and go all the way up to women’s sizes. 

Toddler booties from Kalin Marie are a great way to keep those little feet warm this winter.

Better Than Socks

Many parents resort to socks to keep their toddler’s feet warm while they play indoors, but there are two common problems with socks that make them inconvenient. The first is that since toddlers are constantly moving (and likely learning to walk), socks can be slippery on wood or tile floors and even some carpets. You want to give your toddler the freedom to explore without worrying about falls.

The second is that socks can be almost impossible to keep on. Whether they are sliding off while running and playing, or your little one has made a game of pulling them off constantly, no socks can equal cold feet.

toddler girl in Kalin Marie Minky booties

How Booties Help

At Kalin Marie, our toddler booties act more as a slipper or soft-soled shoe to keep feet warm in those winter months, and they have features that solve both of these problems.

All our toddler booties are made with a non-slip Toughtek sole to help keep your little one safe from slipping and sliding. The soles are soft and flexible, which makes them great for learning to walk in.

Our toddler booties are made with a double layer of elastic along the top as well. This makes them easy to put on but keeps them from sliding off like a sock.

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Minky booties

Luxury Toddler Booties

Toddler Booties from Kalin Marie are handmade in the U.S. with high-quality Minky material. Choose from premade booties or design your own with unique colors or patterns. Most of our bootie patterns can be coordinated with other special Kalin Marie gifts, like Minky blankets, pillow covers, and stuffies.

Luxury Minky Gifts From Kalin Marie

To view our adorable, handmade Minky items, visit Kalin Marie. We sew custom Minky blankets, lovies, stuffies, bedding, and more! To order, visit our online shop today or send us an email.