About Us


Hello! I am Kalin. It's so nice to meet you! I am the owner and designer of Kalin Marie Boutique.

I am a mother of 3 adorable children (Jack, Violet, & Stella), an identical triplet, a hoarder of fabric, and a creator of all things creative.

I grew up in a "we can make that" environment and have always enjoyed the process of creating something from nothing. I sewed a quilt with my grandmother when I was a child but didn't realize my love for sewing until I was in my 30's. I bought a used sewing machine, took a class, started buying fabric, and a passion was developed.

A few years later I decided to try to make a pair of baby booties for a friend having a baby and the didn't fit! So, I made changes to the pattern and made another pair that did fit. They got raving reviews that they didn't fall off and soon I was asked to make more for friends and they're friends. The Boutique was created.

Since then I have discovered a love for the highest quality Cotton Muslin & Minky Cuddle Fabrics. I now offer a large variety of blankets in numerous sizes for all ages.


Baby Booties are soft soled shoes for babies & toddlers designed to actually stay on those tiny feet. What makes our booties better than socks or baby shoes is that they replace both in one super cute bootie! They are designed to Stay On with two rows of encased elastic that keep gentle tension around the baby's ankle and mid calf.

Booties are made from the highest quality Minky fabric and Luxe Fleece. Perfect for keeping feet warm in the cold/cool conditions.

Soft soled shoes are recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists to promote balance and strength in growing feet.