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The Many Benefits of Shopping Small and Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

By: :Kalin Cullison 0 comments
The Many Benefits of Shopping Small and Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

As consumers, we have the power to make a significant impact on the world by choosing where we spend our money. While big-box stores and major corporations may dominate the market, there is an increasing trend toward supporting small businesses. And more specifically, supporting women-owned businesses. 

These entrepreneurs face unique challenges but also offer numerous benefits for both consumers and the community. Kalin Marie, a women-owned small business that specializes in luxury Minky items, explores some of the reasons why you should prioritize supporting small, women-owned businesses in your everyday purchases.

What Is a Women-Owned Business?

A women-owned business is a company where women hold majority ownership and decision-making power. These businesses can range from small local shops to larger corporations, but the common denominator is that women are leading the way.

Many of these businesses provide a unique perspective and can offer goods and services that may not be available through other outlets. When we support these businesses, we're also supporting gender equality in the workplace.

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The Challenges Women Face in the Business World

Unfortunately, women still face many challenges in the business world. One major issue is a lack of access to capital. In many cases, women-owned businesses have less access to funding and investment than their male counterparts. This can make it more difficult for women to start and grow their businesses, limiting their potential for success.

Another challenge that women in business face is a lack of representation and leadership opportunities. Many industries are still male-dominated, which can make it difficult for women to break through and rise to leadership positions. This can limit the perspectives and ideas that are represented in the business world, as well as create a lack of mentorship opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Despite these challenges, many women have still managed to start and grow successful businesses. By supporting women-owned businesses, we can help create more opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Did you know that supporting women-owned businesses can have a positive impact on the economy? When you choose to spend your money at a women-owned business, you're not just supporting an individual entrepreneur. You're also supporting a larger network of people and contributing to economic growth. 

Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Job Creation. Women-owned businesses are known to create jobs at a higher rate than male-owned businesses. According to a report by American Express, women-owned businesses have created 1.5 times more jobs in the past 20 years than all the jobs created by male-owned businesses in the same period.

  1. Increased Revenue. Women-owned businesses contribute significantly to the economy, generating over $1.8 trillion in revenue in the United States alone. When these businesses succeed, they bring in more revenue, which translates to more money circulating within the economy.

  1. Diverse Perspectives. Women-owned businesses bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. They often offer unique solutions to problems and challenge traditional ways of thinking. This diversity can lead to innovation, creativity, and overall economic growth.

  1. Empowerment. When women are given the opportunity to run their own businesses and succeed, it sends a powerful message of empowerment. It can inspire more women to start their own businesses and, in turn, contribute to the overall economic landscape.

  1. Social Responsibility. Many women-owned businesses prioritize social and environmental impact. They often focus on sustainability, ethical practices, and community involvement as a way to impact their world for the better. When you support these businesses, you're not just contributing to the economy.

You also support causes that are important to you and make a difference in your community.

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Kalin Marie: A Women-Owned Business

Kalin Marie, based outside Springfield, Missouri, makes luxury personalized gifts, including Minky blankets, Minky booties, and more. To order, visit our online shop today or send us an email.