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Handmade for the Holidays: 3 Benefits of Buying Handmade Gifts

By: :Kalin Cullison 0 comments
Handmade for the Holidays: 3 Benefits of Buying Handmade Gifts


Holiday shopping is in full swing, and it's time to search for that perfect gift. You want something special, something memorable, and something that will show your person just how much you love them.

But there is so much to choose from.

There are a lot of great sales happening, and there’s nothing wrong with buying from a big box store, but have you considered buying from a small business that offers handmade items?

Kalin Marie gives three great reasons you should buy your holiday gifts handmade.

Purchase American-Made Products

It is becoming harder and harder to find products “Made in America,” so if the quality is important to you, shopping for handmade items from local businesses is the way to go. These products aren’t mass-produced in another country and then shipped over the ocean. Rather, they are made in small quantities by individuals.

In this sense, buying locally is much better for the environment and much more sustainable. Why import generic items from far-off places when there is something much more unique to find here?

All Kalin Marie items are handmade by local seamstresses in the United States, and these women are mothers, grandmothers, and hard-working women who pour their hearts into their sewing.

Support Small Businesses

Everyone loves a good Target run, but sometimes it’s nice to remember the little guys. We aren’t selling products for someone else. We’ve built our own little business with a dream of making the world a better place, one handmade item at a time.

When you buy from a small business, you’re helping middle-class families make ends meet. It’s nice to know that your purchase is not only good quality but produces excellent outcomes for the hardworking sellers as well.

The Christmas season is all about spreading love, so make sure you show love to businesses that depend on every sale for their families.

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Create a Memory

Handmade gifts tell a story, and a personalized handmade blanket, pillow cover, baby item, or stuffed animal will continue to be a talking point for years to come. These items are cherished and often become keepsakes, and the recipient will feel loved knowing you chose something handmade and tailored to them.

Buying handmade can even become a family tradition – what will you find this year?

Handmade Luxury Gifts From Kalin Marie

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