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NEW LE Baby/Toddler Plush Swim Coverups




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  • Wearables

New Limited Edition Super Soft Plush Swim Coverups for Baby/Toddler!

Super soft microfiber material makes your swim time more comfortable. Has excellent water absorption, quickly absorbing water to keep you dry and comfortable wherever you go! Lightweight and easily foldable, from the beach, pool, tropical getaway or just out of the bath, these are perfect for everywhere!

This first release will be a Summer release but if they do well, we can bring them back as a staple. 

Add embroidery for for the perfect personalized gift!

18" Wide x 18" long

Size: These are Baby/Toddler Size fitting most babies starting around age 12 months up to 3/4yr. Comes with a snap on each side of the neck to make the neckline smaller for the smaller kids! Neckline without snaps is 9", neckline with both snaps snapped is 7".