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Custom Limited Release Super Intensive Handmade Puppy


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  • Custom Stuffies

The Super Intensive Handmade Fully Custom Puppy Dogs are available as a Limited Release when I have time to make them! These particular puppies take approximately 4+hours to make each one so they are very limited in their release.

These puppies can match a favorite Lovey/Blanket, coordinate with a Nursery/Bedroom Decor, or simply be made out of you or your childs favorite colors & prints.

Each puppy can be made out of all the same fabric or 2 different fabrics.You choose a Body Fabric & Accents(Nose, Ears, Tail) Fabric!

These puppies are very time consuming and will only continue to be made when each release goes fast so they can all be made at the same time.

Puppies are custom made when ordered by a mom in the USA.  Please allow up to 4-5 weeks for production. 

This Puppy is made from a Funky Friends Factory Pattern.